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December 17th The final event of the Sumadera exhibition will be held!

On this day many people attended the final exhibition event due to much attention garnered from the YouTube program.
Tamao of Shino Kodo is wearing a beautiful green Kimono that matches the picture in the work “Buddha‘s Universe Pilgrimage”

Some people came to sing along with Shiozawa’s hand pan, while other’s brought their harps for a musical improv inspired by the “Buddha’s Universe Pilgrimage” work.
The art is amazing!

As Shiozawa shared a deep analysis of his painting, three elementary school students that had come to see the work, listened intently before asking some very good questions, displaying a refreshing level of curiosity and wonder. Unlike adults, the children spoke without hesitation and with the kind of unfiltered honesty that you only get from the young.

Opposite the ”Buddha’s Universe Pilgrimage”are three other works that depict tragic heroes of war.

This is a work depiction Yoshitsune and Benkei during the Genpei War, and the final moments of Atsumori, who was killed at the age of just 16 years old.
After the Genpei War, Japan followed a path of fruitless conquest.

Atsumori was a master flute player, and is depicted sticking his sword into the ground and holding out his flute.

Art gives people an opportunity to reflect and think deeply.