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Philosophy and MissionPhilosophy and Mission

Philosophy and Mission

In the present age where human beings are likely to be surrounded by AI, our vision is the revival of ancient Japanese mysteries dealing with the origin of human life.

It is our solemn mission to revive the spirit of prayer passed down to the Japanese in this Jomon period.
Beautiful, humble and silent, it promotes respect for others and is rooted in the spirit of altruism.
It has long been at the heart of Japanese culture and a means of overcoming difficulty.

Through art and music, we will revive these sleeping sensibilities.

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red demon holding a giant fishred demon holding a giant fish

For the next generation

We hope to bring new discoveries from Japanese tradition and mystery and illuminate the future possibilities for generations to come.
These Japanese sensibilities and emotions are always passed down to children, so it is important to give them the opportunity to bring them out from an early age. We have also lifework that the unique educational activities to bring out the originality of children through the art, which is a source of creativity to open the future.

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Fumio Shiozawa ProfileFumio Shiozawa Profile

Fumio Shiozawa Profile

Born in 1955, art director, percussionist and painter, he started out as a graphic designer in the 1970's and was focused on book design. Some of his notable projects were photo books for celebrities such as John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, and one for Sting's "Save the Amazon" campaign.

In the 1980's he met acclaimed artist Taro Okamoto during an interview with the magazine Studio Voice,
and he was struck with a burning and unstoppable inspiration to become a painter from that moment on.
He honed his painting while still working as a graphic designer, and on his 60th birthday,
he left graphic design behind to pursue painting fulltime, and is prolific to this day.

In 2018, the 12m-long “Buddha and the Four Devas” commemorating the 750th anniversary
of the birth of the Nichizo saint was delivered to five temples in Kyoto.
As a result of this, he is currently continuing to create giant Buddhist paintings
to be placed in temples throughout Japan and at world heritage sites worldwide.

Fumio Shiozawa Profile

Painter, Art director, Percussionist

In 1985, Shiozawa established a design company and worked as an art director for photo books of John Lennon and The Beatles, as well as many famous magazines, books, photo books and other paraphernalia. In 1986, after an eye opening interview with Taro Okamoto, he reawakened his childhood passion for drawing and aspired to become a painter.


The fight against the destruction of nature….

The fight against the destruction of nature….

In 1989, rock artist Sting went on a worldwide tour to protect the Amazon forest, and Shiozawa was involved in the art direction of PR posters and other items for Japan.
Since then, he has prolifically worked on designs that promote the protection and preservation of the natural environment for many years, which has led to a strong motivation for his current work.

The fight against the destruction of nature….

In 2003, published the picture book “Princess of the Sea God”

After Taro Okamoto's death, Shiozawa became involved in marketing and PR for the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, and forged a close professional relationship with Ms.Toshiko Okamoto. Shiozawa told Toshiko about an unexplainable experience that a sea snake wrapped itself around his neck, he and the snake had a moment where they made eye contact at Amami Island swimming in the sea he was 40 years old at that time. She told him that his story like a mythological tale and she write sentences so he should draw a picture. It was the reason why he was drawn into the world of painting while still continuing to work at the design company.

Princess of the Sea God

Set up a production studio in Kyoto in 2016….

Set up a production studio in Kyoto in 2016….

He came across an opportunity to do some Buddhist style paintings, and subsequently received requests from temples one after another. In 2020, he completely shifted from a design company to a business centered on painting production, and is working on collaborative projects with temples to cater to modern people who are increasingly drifting away from Buddhism.
His encounter with Buddhism completely changed his work, and in 2022, his work “Statue of 19-year-old Prince Shotoku ~Prayer of Peace~” will be dedicated to the World Heritage Site Todaiji Temple.

creative process

With the world in turmoil, what can he leave behind for the next generation
who will carry the future on their shoulders?
He has been working on Buddhist paintings with new expressions, and in December of the same year,
he dedicated the “Buddha Enlightenment” to the Mahabodhi Temple,
a world heritage site in India, and is working hard to promote the world heritage site.

depiction of Buddha's enlightenment