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May 18th, Performed at Asako Iwasawa’s solo exhibition.

A year ago around this time, Asako’s solo exhibition was held at the Meijiryama Gallery, about a 10 minute walk from Enoshima station. A year has passed so quickly since Shiozawa promised the owner, Ms. Hayakawa, that he would perform at her next show. So here we were as if time hadn’t passed at all.

Today, we went to Gallery Mejiroyama to visit Asako-san and Hayakawa-san while carrying a handpan drum.

Asako’s work is truly beautiful and matches the view from the window from this gallery.

After enjoying some homemade snacks courtesy of Ms. Hayakawa, Shiozawa performed, as promised, in the grand piano room on the first floor. The melodic and hypnotic sound of the handpan drum could be heard ringing through the gallery and into the forest where even the trees themselves resonated with the magical sounds.

A pianist who happened to be there, was immediately overtaken with inspiration and proceeded to improvise to the sounds of the handpan drum. As they played together, the sounds merged into a symphony of music and a celebration of creation.