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Exhibition of work “Wisteria Guardian Sword” begins

On May 30th, Shiozawas folding screen and sword were exhibited at Kyoto Tozan do’s new store.

Tozando is a major company that manufactures and sells traditional Japanese martial arts equipment.

The new store in front of Yasaka Shrine will officially open on May 30th, and Shiozawa’s original works will be on display in the basement bar, which is exclusively available to customers.

Shiozawa purchased a black lacquer folding screen from an antique shop, painted his red Sanskrit characters (*) on it, and turned it into background of a guardian sword.

(*Lakshmi, goddess of beauty and fertility)

It fit perfectly on the shelf in front of the bar despite not having been pre-measured. Perhaps the gods had a hand in this uncanny coincidence!

The Tanto, originally a weapon for self-defense, it was given as a protective charm with the changing times for significant occasions, such as for childbirth, bride, or the recently deceased. A custom unique to Japan, it was snuffed out due to changes in living environment and law.
In the turmoil in the current world, Tozando wishes to revive this lost tradition of swords being given as protective charm, it also to keep the art of sword-making alive.

Therefore, Shiozawa proposed a beautiful, never before seen design for a short sword that incorporates Japanese culture and spirituality. The first challenge is the “Wisteria Guardian Sword”.

The wisteria flower has the floral meaning of “never leave”. By drawing a single wisteria flower on the handle and sheath, it is given the meaning of the weapon being ‘never drawn’ insofar as the weapon never leaving the scabbard. 

Derived from Buddhism, the Japanese believe that everything has a soul, from a new grass sprout to a giant ancient tree. These souls are revered and treasured as things of sacred beauty. It is this concept that inspires the concept and design of the wisteria sword talisman.