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May 14th, lunch party on the fresh green terrace

We visited Star Hills, a villa located deep in the mountains of Nirayama. On this day, the owner and doctor, Dr.Mitsui, prepared lunch on the verdant terrace with the Peruvian painter Romero and his wife, singer Rino, and composer Tetsuro.

Romero’s wife Anne served us Peruvian stew with chicken. Dr. Mitsui served us several bottles of wonderful wine.

As a thank you, Shiozawa played a handpan drum for everyone.

Everyone was very interested in the drum and had a go at playing it, though it was more difficult than Shiozawa made it look.

In the end there was a collaborative performance of one of Tetsuro’s originals, with himself on the keyboard and Shiozawa on his handpan drum.

Thank you to everyone who made this an amazing day, packed full of fun, sumptuous food, delicious wine and soulful music!