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May 4th, Attended a tea ceremony for Dragon’s lair at Yasaka Shrine.

Today, the Yasaka shrine, significant for being named Gion Kanshin-in where for 1000 years it was a temple where Shinto and Buddhism were syncretized, and priests and monks gathered to worship.

However, due to the religious reforms of the Meiji period, Shintoism and Buddhism were separated, and it was no longer allowed to enshrine the deities such as Gozutennno, the dragon god, and Buddha. The 151m-long pond beneath the main shrine, which was said to be a dragon’s lair, has also been sealed off.

The 22nd generation Chief Priest Nomura believed that in light of the pain that we’re experiencing from current natural disasters, epidemics and wars, and the uncertainty of our future, we should return to the origins of prayer; the syncretism of Shintoism and Buddhism from 1000 years ago, he set out to restore the faith of that time.

Today, an event was held where you could feel the breath of the dragon god with a private visit to the main shrine, a flute performance, and a tea ceremony made with spring water from the dragon lair.

We enjoyed tea from “Blue dragon god water” and Shiozawa’s work “Great universe blue dragon ~Cosmic Dragon” enlivened the ceremony.

More than 100 people have already participated in this event and viewed the works just today.

Ms Baisen, a flute player, dedicated a performance for this day inside the main shrine, which is usually not accessible. We received special permission from the chief priest to enter the main hall.

After receiving an explanation from the chief priest about the prohibition of applause and photography inside the main shrine, and the basic movements of the dedication ceremony to the gods, the performance was solemnly performed.

As drums resounded in the main hall and the sound of a flute played, as if transported to an ancient world, a breeze began to blow form somewhere, and we felt as if the gods were pleased.

The Cosmic Dragon had woken up from its long slumber, and having been seen and appreciated by so many people, it appeared that Susano’s gaze in the center had a kind of gentleness to it.