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March 15th: Meeting the new chairman

Even though we didn’t have an appointment, we were able to meet the newly appointed chairman.

Dr. Mahashweta was very kind to us. She immediately asked us where we would like the work to be installed. We spent some time discussing a potential spot for the painting with her and Mr. Deenanand, the head monk.

Dr.Maharthi is the chief executive of the museum, and at the same time was the executive producer of the wonderful catalog “Monuments of Mahabodhi Temple Complex” which includes photographs and explanations of various Buddhist art works in the Mahabodhi Temple complex that cannot normally be seen.

Looking through the very picturesque catalog, we were surprised to learn that the numerous carvings, sculptures, objects of prayer, and reliefs depicting Buddhist teachings, were meticulously expressed on the fences, pillars and pagodas of temples.

We listened with great interest to her explanation of the outstanding artistic expressions of India during the pre-Christian era.

Her father was also a famous Buddhist painter, and we received copies of his valuable works. This will be very useful knowledge for the future. She herself studied Noh in Japan, so she is well versed in all aspects of art.

We lost track of time and spent more than two hours together.