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March 15th, A surprising delivery with local logistics.


On the evening of March 15th, a small truck rolled up with four young men to collect the Buddha’s Universe Pilgrimage painting.

Upon seeing the size of the truck, we wondered how it could possibly transport the large painting without some kind of accident. The next thing we know, the four young men had loaded the painting onto the truck, unwrapped, and proceeded to support it while standing in the back tray.

Worried that the painting could sustain some damage during transit, we hurriedly pulled out the packaging and recommended that they use it.

Assuring us that the packaging would not be necessary, one of the young men pointed out that there would be four of them supporting the work during the trip.

In our surprise, we exclaimed, “Oh my god, are you serious!?”, and no sooner than the words had exited our mouths, the truck set off.

As we followed the truck, we couldn’t help but to laugh out loud because the four young men were pitching and yawing, clinging to the painting while the truck swung through the streets on its way to the museum. It certainly was a sight to behold.

Nonetheless, and much to our relief, the painting made it safely to Mahabodhi Museum.

The Mahabodhi Museum is a large, magnificent and beautiful building, and seeing it for the first time was absolutely spectacular!

The four young people were smiling as they waited to receive their part-time job money.

Thank you, your power is amazing