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People from all walks of life have been steadily streaming into our Kyoto art studio!

On February 21st, 26th, and 27th, Shiozawa introduced his works to three international groups with themes that transcend national borders.

February 21st Wednesday

Mr. Suzuki from Dooox, a company that changes the world through action, brought along Ryoma, who started running a Japanese restaurant in Cyprus.

They are fun young people who are full of energy and curiosity, and are proud to be Japanese.

It is said that a single drop of water eventually becomes a great river, and on that basis we were in adamant agreeance, despite our generational gap, that it is of imperative importance that we always seek to become that drop of water.

February 26th Monday

Mr. And Mrs. Ma Kohkai, the president of a travel business that connects Japan and China in Osaka, came to our art studio to teach Chinese people more about the mysticism and spirituality of Japan.

This interesting couple are very knowledgeable about Japanese history and art, much more so than the average Japanese person. In particular Shiozawa’s experiences in his spiritual hometown of Amami Oshima with Tanaka Isson, the famous painter, resonated strongly with them and they couldn’t get enough of his stories.

February 27th Tuesday

The team behind the Mexican Mural Art Project also came along to see Shiozawa’s work. Mr. Hayashita a strong global businessman was joined by Mr. Bakibaki, an active artist in Japan, famous for his impressive giant murals, and Mr. Mamiya a seller of luxury Swiss watches.

Interested in disseminating Japan’s strength as a purveyor of peace in the world, these three global players can see Shiozawa’s art playing a strong role in doing so.