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Visit to the villa rental area in Star Hills

There are only 6 private rental villas on a vast 6.7 hectare site in the Izu forest. It’s about a 20 minute drive from our head office in Shizuoka, but we had no idea that here was such a luxurious villa area deep in the mountains.

Each building has a luxurious spa room and balcony jacuzzi for you to enjoy. A tennis court and mini golf are also available on the grounds.

A friend of ours who is a painter was staying in one of the log houses and was planning to paint a mural, so she invited us to visit. 

The log house is fully equipped with a nice kitchen and a massage machine, and the electricity and music come on when you ask Alexa.

The owner is a doctor and also has a clinic in the forest.

As you walk around the grounds, you can see pink cherry blossoms in full bloom atop a small hill. Growing on the premises is a rich variety of teas, citrus fruits, and greens, which all can be collected and used as cooking ingredients.

After gathering some freshly grown Japanese butter bur (fukinoto), our friend prepared a delicious pasta dish and we all had a great time over dinner with the owner.