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June 30th, Hacobune exhibition event in Shirokanedai,Tokyo

The group exhibition “hacobune” was held at the Musubu community space in Happo-en in Shirokanedai, Tokyo from June 19th to July 1st, with a performance event on June 30th.

Shiozawa exhibited five small size pieces, mounted in frames that he hand made himself.

This exhibition featured works from eight artists, including Shiozawa. Peruvian-born artist, Noa, planned and oversaw the Hocobune exhibition featuring mainly Japanese style paintings. Kalanath, an artist who usually who architects and builds unique structures, such as Mexican style dome houses. Tabiki, a sculptor, famous for creating wood or stone (jizo) Buddha statues. Ogawa, who recently launched his new brand, “Gnuoyp”, which features a combination of leather and textiles. Anna, who creates traditional Japanese Mizuhiki art. Asako, an award winning painter who pioneered a fusion of modern and Japanese impressionist art, and finally Hirose, a craftsman famous for his titanium jewelry.

Despite the short running time of the exhibition, the turn out of guests was impressively high.

At the closing event, the artists were introduced once again.

Shiozawa played a melodic set on his handpan as the main event, and it was heart-warming to see so many enthralled children gathered around enjoying the performance.