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Kumano Trip Part2 Hanano Iwaya Shrine

We descended the mountains from Nachi and passed through Wakayama Prefecture and Mie prefecture, where we visited Hananoiwaya Shrine.

Passing through the torii gate, the path curves and leads deeper into the shrine, where a large cut rock appears.

There is said to be the oldest shrine in Japana and is the mausoleum where Izanami-no-Mikoto, the mother of the gods, died after being burned while giving birth to the fire god Kagutsuchi-no-Mikoto.

This shrine without a main building is a symbol of nature worship, and is dominated by a 70-meter^tall giant rock. The shrine was given the name Hana no Iwaya(Flower Grotto) because it was decorated with flowers.

Kagutsuchi-no-Mikoto was killed by an angry Izanagi, and his grave still stands there.

It’s a mysterious place where ancient Japanese mythology is real and you can clearly feel that gods reside in the rocks. You can feel the wonderful faith of the Japanese people. Japan is amazing!

Near the Chosuya is a round stone for making wishes, which is said to have fallen from the sacred rock.