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March 12th Matisse exhibition viewing

We went to the Matisse Free Form Exhibition” being held at the New National Museum of Art in order to envision another large-scale painting. It is a world of bright colors and free form art created by Matisse, utilizing the paper-cut technique.

The Rosary Chapel, built in his later years as the culmination of his career as an artist, was designed by Matisse himself, including not only the interior decoration but also the priest’s vestments. At this exhibition, you can also experience the beautiful chapel of light.

The paper cutouts, which are expressed freely and without being bound by anything, have a beauty that contains the warmth of hand cut paper, where the edges of the paper are not uniform.

After leaving the Museum, we walked through Roppong to Azabu Juban, where OGGI Company is located, for the first time in a while.

The Matisse exhibition inspired me and we had a fruitful meeting about wine labels.