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Visited Shimyouin Temple in Kyoto

Shimyoin Temple is located about 45 minutes north by car from Kyoto City.

It was founded in 650, but it said that Kobo Daishi Kukai revived it in 829.

It is also said to be a magical place and the last stronghold of Chimi-Mo-Ryo (malevolent spirits that dwell in the rivers and mountains) that were chased from the capital.

The origin and source of Kyoto’s Kamogawa river flows from here. It is said that in the 8th century an Ennogyoja (a witch shaman with supernatural powers) discovered this place in an old ruined temple and told the Emperor, who then ordered Kukai, a famous monk to rebuild the temple.

I visited a rock cave where a single drop of water drips down.

Without the artificial stimuli of the city’s buildings and flashing neon lights, the natural energy and magnificence of this place immediately awakens the senses and expands our creativity.

 It is a wonderful place that reminds us once again that we should never lose touch with the grace and beauty of nature.