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  3. Wild EinsteinワイルドアインシュタインチャンネルがYouTubeに登場“

Wild EinsteinワイルドアインシュタインチャンネルがYouTubeに登場“

2022年2月1日 ~ 2022年2月1日

Wild Einstein Channel is now available on YouTube!


お待たせいたしました!Thank you for waiting!


Finally, Wild Einstein’s video channel has been launched!


It is a channel based on the brush name “Wild Einstein” of Fumio Shiozawa, who is a painter and percussionist. We will develop programs that incorporate various genres of art, including paintings.


Wild Einstein talks about painting and musical expression from a different perspective, and explain how art is needed in our lives and will be a powerful source of happiness in future human society.


This channel will create a program that stimulates creative thinking using art dialogues, and inviting a variety of guests, including art, business, and academic guests, with a wide range of themes such as Buddhist perspectives and sentient power with the unlimited potential of the universe.