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  3. グラミー賞を取った宅見将典君のセレブレーションパーテイへ参加。


2023年3月12日 ~ 2023年3月12日

We went to the celebration party of Masanori Takumi, who won the Grammy Award.


My friend Takumi, who works as a composer and arranger, won the Best Global Music Album category at the 65th Grammy Awards.

この日は渋谷のAMAZON ミュージックのレセプション会場でセレブレーション!
On this day, a celebration was held at the Amazon Music reception venue in Shibuya.

The work “SAKURA”, which was created by fusing the aesthetic sense of Japanese culture and the American sound, was recognized.

It is the first time for a Japanese person to win an award in the world music category.
I am encouraged both as a friend and as a Japanese.

Of course, he also performed at the party!
He is a genius who can play any instrument and also composes music.

Looking back, I’m more than happy that since he announced to me that he will win the Grammy
7 years ago, he has been going straight there without any hesitation.