2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 夜明けのガンジス川クルージング&サールナート遺跡・美術館・仏教寺院を見学


2022年12月12日 ~ 2022年12月12日

Visited Sarnath ruins, museums and Buddhist temples.




It‘s 6 o’clock in the morning. We leave the hotel before sunrise and head to the Ganges River.
The Ganges in the morning is already crowded with bathers.

We board the boat and wait for the sunrise. Soon, the sun will rise over the Ganges river with a mysterious light like the moon. The light illuminates the surface of the river and comes to us as a bright orange band on a straight moving boat. Power charge!

The city seen from the beautiful Ganges is different from last night, even the crematorium looks holy. One Japanese member of our team, Shinku, also started bathing. The water in the Ganges is very clean and not turbid, unlike what we might imagine. It’s amazing how even my hands and feet feel so smooth after a hot spring bath.

In the afternoon, visited the Sarnath ruins, museums, and Buddhist temples.

The Sarnath Ruins is one of the four sacred sites in India, located in a suburb of 10Km northwest of Varanasi, a Hindu holy site. This is the place where the enlightened Buddha decided to preach his teachings to the people and headed to Sarnath where there were five disciples. And there were they who were impressed by the preaching of enlightenment and once again converted to Buddha.

Next, We visited the Sarnath Museum, the oldest archaeological museum in India.
The statues of Hindu gods and the four lion statues of Buddhism made by King Ashoka are on display.

ムールガンダクテイMurgandha Kuti Temple寺院
Murgandha KutiTemple was built by Sri Lankans in the 18th century and has murals depicting the life of Buddha by Japanese painter Nosu Kosetsu.
We had a special Buddhist monk put a Buddha relic on our head, attach a misanga to our wrists to pray for good health and not get sick, and chanted a sutra.