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  3. ワーラナシーに移動!ガンジス川ナイトツアー


2022年12月11日 ~ 2022年12月11日

Transfer to Varanashi night tour of Ganges river.





We drove 250km from Bodhgaya and arrive at Varanashi, India’s largest holy city.
The town is even more chaotic than Bodhgaya. The road is like a maze and if you get lost, you can’t get out. It’s like watching a scene from an Indiana Jones movie.

In the evening, countless people spring up out of nowhere and fill the main street to the ritual baths.
Cows suddenly appear in the crowd, pushing people aside and running backwards.

When the sky turns dark, we watch the Hindu prayer ritual Aartei Puja on the Ganges River.Before praying, they will apply red powder between our eyebrows. We go into Hindu prayer.
The prayers are performed using candlesticks, and the worshipers dance side by side. The people of this land perform this large-scale festival every night.

The city of Varanasi was built by Shiva, the god of destruction. A little girl turns into Shiva and asks for money.
It is strange because we are drawn into the otherworldly Hindu vortex of prayer and feel cleansed after the ceremony.