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  3. 作品「日蓮涅槃図」初公開!


2023年2月16日 ~ 2023年2月16日

The work ”Nichiren Nirvana” unveiled for the first time!


Every year on February 16th, Nichiren Daishonin’s birthday, a memorial service is held at Hongyoji Temple in Ikegami, Ota-ku Tokyo.

Not only the parishioners, but also many guests from all over Tokyo eagerly came to see Shiozawa’s works.

The “White lotus folding screen” that was exhibited on the same day last year was also displayed in the center of the main hall, emitting a bewitching light.

The memorial service is held for about 40minutes, and everyone chants a sutra together and the light of the white lotus flower moves in response to the voice using black lights with sound sensors.
After the event, Shiozawa talked about Nichiren Nirvana to the parishioners and guests.

Today, among our guests, Brutjournal editor-in-chief and art critic Mr. Edward Gomez also came to interview us.

It was the first time that he had come to see the original drawings, and he evaluated the two works with great interest. He seemed surprised at the effect of black light on the white lotus painting.
He was very impressed that he has seen many works from various countries, but he has never seen such paintings before.
He also said that he would like to introduce it widely Europe and America.

Just before he left for the upcoming New York art fair, he gave us the Brut Journal Magazine to promote at the fair. Shiozawa’s interview was also published on the last page, and we were also impressed. It is a great honor for an international art critic like him to evaluate Shiozawa’s work and promote it worldwide.