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  3. 新宿 Jazz Spot「J」

新宿 Jazz Spot「J」

2015年5月1日 ~ 2015年5月31日
展示会 新宿【アイキャッチ】

12支の額装品直売展示会 記念ライブ開催


The Jazz spot [J] run by talent TAMORI is a famous Live house where famous overseas Jazz players such as Chet Becker perform.
A live performance was held with a lot of guests to commemorate the exhibition.
Fumio Shiozawa’s older brother Tokuo Shiozawa who is also a jazz drummer, performed alongside his younger brother which was a rare and memorable brother performance.

展示会 新宿2【アイキャッチ】

展示会 新宿ライブ兄弟【アイキャッチ】