2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 4月8日より広尾と浜松町で同時個展開催!


2023年4月8日 ~ 2023年5月8日

Simultaneous solo exhibitions in Hiroo and Hamamatsucho starting from April 8th!


「Buddha and Art Exhibition」from April 8th to May 8th at Shin Open Lab Gallery, Hamamatsucho.

“Buddha and Art Exhibition”, a collaborative exhibition by photographer Naonori Kohira and painter Fumio Shiozawa will be held from April 8th, the same day as Buddha’s birthday.
小平氏が撮影した空也をはじめとするモノクローム作品6点にカラフルな塩澤の仏画10点がコラボする展示会。仏とは?悟りとは?今現代に仏教の哲学がなぜ必要なのかを二人のアーテイストが徹底追及します。  Including 6 monochromatic photographs by Mr.Kohira, and 10 colorful Buddhist paintings by Shiozawa including “Kuya”.
What is Buddha?
What is enlightenment?
Two artists thoroughly investigate why Buddhist philosophy is necessary even now.

kuya by shiozawa                                                         kuya by kohira

Shin Open Lab Gallery is the digital space that promotes open innovation, using both co-creation and co-experience.
Despite it being a digital space, the experience is very hands-on and personal.
It is located on the 10th floor where you can see the entire Shimbashi area.
This exhibition will showcase a novel project that talks about Buddhism through art. There will be a lot of talk shows with invited guests, and it will last for a month.

Enlightenment(Satori in Japanese) means ‘to take’ (Toru in Japanese)
the ‘difference’ (Sa in Japanese)between people, plants, animals, and all other life forms.

Shiozawa will also explain this year’s exhibition at the Mahabodhi Museum and why he chose to do these activities.