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  3. SDG‘Sイベントトークショー


2023年2月28日 ~ 2023年2月28日

SDG’s event talk show held!


The SDGs illustration exhibition is being held at a gallery called Shin Open Lab on the 10th floor of a modern building in Hamamatsucho. Ryo Honda’s unique illustrations are being exhibited, and talk events, workshops, and lectures are being held in a fun way to learn about the problems facing the earth.

February 28th was the day of the talk event, and Shiozawa participated as a guest.

The moderator coordinator is Mr. Kodaira, a photographer.

India travelogue of Professor Kawamukai x Fumio Shiozawa

川向教授:京都芸大教授で、フランスの芸大からの依頼でインドにゲーム、アニメ、プロダクトデザイン等、日本のPOPカルチャーをインドの学生に教える仕事を終えて、帰国Mr.Kawamukai: A professor at Kyoto University of the Arts, and returned to India after completing a job teaching Indian students about Japanese POP culture such as games, animation, and product design at the request of a French university.

The two spoke with a strong admiration for the greatness of India in many respects.

It’s starange that no one is angry even though there are outrageous traffic rules such as passing in the opposite lane while honking the horn.
I am overwhelmed by how well it maintins its balance while being chaotic.
When you see people bathing in the river Ganges, where corpses are burned, life and death are closely related, and they have no boundary between them and are not afraid of death.
The living energy of the Indian people is the strength of this country and we feel the future.

Organizer of SDGS Illustration ExhibitionRyo Honda x Fumio Shiozawa

In the 1980s around the time when the word ecology became popular, Shiozawa started talking about the “Save the Amazon campaign” by musician Sting. At that time, Japan was in the midst of a high growth economic period and all thoughts were about making money, and they were completely indifferent to the global environment. Even now, many companies are superficially working on the SDGs.
Even in India, holy places are littered with fluorescent orange and green candy wrappers.
Prayer shoud be included in the SDGs item. How can humans be happy by protecting Kusaki Yamakawa?(grass, trees, mountains and rivers)
Buddha’s teachings are based on respect for natue.
The Japanese themselves should know once again that they are a people who have continued to pray to nature since ancient times.