2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 写真家小平尚典氏と塩澤文男が芸術対談!


2022年5月22日 ~ 2022年5月22日

Photographer Naonori Kohira and painter Fumio Shiozawa had an art dialogue!



At the gallery in Iidabashi, Tokyo, an interview and a dialogue were held to promote the artist Fumio Shiozawa to as many people as possible.


At the gallery where photographer Naonori Kohira’s “Kuya statue photo Exhibition” is being held, a large monitor will be installed to make a large copy of Shiozawa’s work, and the two will enjoy talking about their work over continuing episodes.


The latest news will be shared about the serendipitous way in which Shiozawa was invited to produce some of his original art to be displayed in the main hall of an Indian temple.

Scheduled to be delivered on YouTube!

取材と広報は、塩澤の作品「空海愛龍図」をNFT付きでキャンペーンを行ったJAPAN MADEさんが主催企画して頂きました。

This interview is sponsored by Japan Made, which conducted an NFT campaign with Shiozawa’s work.