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  3. バラバーBarabar洞窟の岩窟、ロマスリシLomas Rishi洞窟で演奏

バラバーBarabar洞窟の岩窟、ロマスリシLomas Rishi洞窟で演奏

2022年12月9日 ~ 2022年12月9日

Performed at Lomas Rishi Cave, one of the caves in Barabar Caves



Lomas Rishi cave


As we climb the mountain led by a guide, suddenly a large and strangely shaped rock appears.
It is the oldest surviving cave in India, dating from the 3rd century BC.  It is also said to be the starting point for temple architecture carved into natural granite. At that time, many monks moved to the area and meditated and practiced in the cave.
The inside of the cave is carved into a dome shape, and the surface of the inner wall of the cave is exquisitely polished to a mysterious luster. Let us admire the ancient advanced cutting techniques.
Normally, it is not possible to view the inside of the cave, but thanks to our friend Mr. Dal, the cave manager unlocked the door for us to enter.ロマスリシ洞窟-3

Minehaha and Shiozawa tried playing music in the cave with excellent acoustics.
The cave was surging with spiritual energy. The performance and singing are mysterious, and
the video shows many orbs dancing like a waterfall. Many celebrities, such as David Lynch, have visited the cave in the past.

ダシュラト・マンジー(Dashrath Manjhi)が切り崩した岩山を見学。
After leaving the cave we visited the path Dashrath Manjhi carved through the ridge.

His beloved wife slipped over a mountain and passed away. He appealed to the administration that if there had been a road here, his wife would have survived, but his opinion was ignored as he was at the bottom of the caste system. Burning with anger, he spent 22 years alone carving a path through a rocky mountain with just a chisel and a hammer.
When you see the remains of a rocky mountain that has been cut into a V shape, you will be amazed at its scale. You can feel his great effort and mental strength.