2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. オンラインショップサイトOPEN!


2022年4月14日 ~ 2022年4月14日

Online Shop site “wildeinstein.online” is open now!



An online shop that directly sells Wild Einstein’s works and original goods opened today.



The top screen of the shop is dynamically lined with photographs of works of various expressions of Wild Einstein, including Buddhist paintings and contemporary art.

神秘日本・現代神秘・ミックスメディア・貝シリーズと4つのカテゴリーが選べ、それぞれ集合写真となったヴィジュアルから選べます。クリックすると作品がクローズアップする仕組み。There are four categories; Mysterious Japan, Contemporary Mystery, Mixed Media, and Shell Series, and you can choose the work from the visuals of the group photo for each category.


On the main page of the selected work, there are photographs from different angles such as approaching photographs or indoor exhibition photographs and you can also check other details. The story of the work is also posted easily and all in English -Chinese translations are possible.



In addition, there is also an original product line category, and we plan to increase the product lines in the future!