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  3. 芸術・文化・歴史拝観オンライン番組ART BUDDHA収録完了! 間もなく配信お楽しみに!

芸術・文化・歴史拝観オンライン番組ART BUDDHA収録完了! 間もなく配信お楽しみに!

2022年4月18日 ~ 2022年4月18日

The online program “ART BUDDHA” for viewing art, culture and history has been recorded! It will be shown soon!


企画から1年!コロナの影響でお寺での撮影が延期されてたオンライン番組「ART BUDDHA」の収録が終わりました。

One year from the planning!

The first recording of the online program ”ART BUDDHA”, whose shooting of the temple was postponed due to the Corona pandemic, has ended.



At the temple where Shiozawa’s works are exhibited, the hidden works of art preserved by the temple will be revealed to unravel the mystery.

This is a program for young people in which two guides talk about the relationship between Buddhism and art in an interesting and engaging discussion.


グローバルな観点から日本美術の優れた点と、日本のルーツに触れてみよう!と呼びかけます。Contemporary art and digital art, which are still touted are not the only arts.

From a global perspective they call on you to experience the advantages of Japanese art and the roots of Japan.




It is the Buddhist temple that has preserved Japanese art and artists, and the purpose is to focus on Buddhism as a philosophy of living through art.