2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 構想1年!日蓮涅槃図下書き開始!


2022年5月21日 ~ 2022年5月21日

One year of conception!Draft of Nichiren in Nirvana started!



The chief priest of Ikegami Hongyouji Temple and Shiozawa have devised a plan to make “a beautiful Nichiren saint’s Nirvana figure that no one has ever seen” into a Buddhist altar.


Today an important meeting was held to come up with ideas relating to characters, composition, size and design for a modern drawing that will impress the people who worshiped during the destruction of Hongyouji.



The Nichiren saint died in the Buddhist alter room of the Ikegami family.

It is the room of extinction of the current Hongyouji Temple. It is said that all the disciples and believers died while chanting the Hokkekyo, and at the time the earth shook and the cherry blossoms bloomed all at once.

The cherry blossoms are still in the precincts. In other words, Hongyouji is a sacred place.



Honmonji Temple is famous in Ikegami, but the general public does not know much about the adjacent Hongyouji.

The Nichiren Nirvana picture was designed to shed light on the sacred place of Nichiren and raise local and international interest in the Hokkekyo.


By the way, please keep an eye out for the new Nirvana figure, unveiling later this year in October.