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  3. 新美南吉童話選集 英訳付き 6月20日 発売決定!

新美南吉童話選集 英訳付き 6月20日 発売決定!

2022年6月20日 ~ 2022年6月20日

“Nimi Nankichi Anthology ”June 20th to be released!



We received a request for the binding, cover, and illustration of a picture book that summarizes 18 selections from Nimi Nankichi who is known for his picture books such as “Gon the Fox”.


The story of the selected 18 episodes has 23 monochrome illustrations, and the cover features one of Shiozawa’s fantastic, unique paintings that expresses the world of Gon the Fox.

タイトル、著者名すべての文字フォントもオリジナルで作り、日本文化の温もりを感じる装丁絵本となります。All the character fonts of the title and author name are also  Shiozawa originals, and it will be a bound picture book that exudes the spirit of traditional Japanese writing.


Nankichi Nimi had a lonely childhood after the loss of his mother at an early age. He fell to a mysterious illness at the age of just 29 before his talent was recognized in the world of fairy tale writing. His work, which was born of  loneliness, suffering and illness, is a masterpiece that teaches us about communication, trust and conscience


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