2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 三島市、蓮馨寺さんで音楽コンサートが9月17日(土)開催決定!


2022年5月23日 ~ 2022年5月23日

Music concert will be held on September 17th at Renkeiji Temple in Mishima City!



A music concert of prayer for peace will be sent from Mishima to the world!

The chief priest of Renkeiji, the singer, Minehaha, and the percussionist and painter Shiozawa had a meeting to discuss the details.


Minehaha and Shiozawa ,who moved away just before the pandemic, have a strong connection with this area.


Immediately after Shiozawa received an invitation to paint for Maha Body Temple in India, and as such was given the opportunity to send a message to the world, we met with the deputy chief of Renkeiji Temple.


Minehaha, who sings the Hannyashinkyo sutra, and Shiozawa ,a Buddhist painter, have something in common in Buddhism, and the proposal for a music performance that can share this with Renkeiji was well received.


How can we, as a resilient culture that has faced untold hardships in our history, share this resilience and inspire the world to embrace life and freedom again in the wake of the damage done by the pandemic, and other pressing issues such as climate change, war and the rapidly changing times.