2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 三島の朝活散歩で日本人のルーツに触れる!&ユニークなあひる図書館を訪問!


2022年4月16日 ~ 2022年4月16日

Experience the roots of Japanese people on a morning walk in Mishima! & Visit the unique “Duck Library”!



AT 5:30 AM in the morning, we gathered at Mishima Shrine and participated in a walk for about 2 hours.


Mishima is famous for its spring water from Mt. Fuji. The retention basins are dotted

around and fresh water streams through the town美しい川に歩ける石が敷いてあり、川面を延々と歩いていけます。There are special walking pillars that you can hop across along the whole river, which makes for a wonderful river-walk.


Unfortunately it was raining and therefore a little hazy on this day. You can normally see Mt. Fuji from this location in fine weather.

The cherry blossoms along the river had already bloomed and fallen and the fresh greenery of the trees was bright, and there were many clusters of pure white flowers in the river. A variety of wild birds could be seen, and the pristine forest air flowed along with our nostalgia.


Along the river there are shrines and water gods, and you can feel how Japanese people have lived in harmony with nature and gods for a long time.


After the walk, we experienced mindfulness at a temple Renkeiji, and gave greetings and thanks to everyone at the breakfast venue.


午後には、「あひる図書館」を訪問。Visit the “Duck Library” in the afternoon.


A system in which an owner who rents a space of a bookshelf of about 40cm in length and with for 2,000yen, arranges and lends out their own books.


The books recommended by the owners are lined up with a lot of individuality, and everyone just stops. Borrowing a book is free.

This is a unique initiative where people from the city gather here to get to know each other through books and create communication.