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  3. 歌手MINEHAHAさんによるインドの学校チャリティーコンサートに友情出演!


2022年2月5日 ~ 2022年2月5日

The Japanese singer, Minehaha will make a guest appearance at a concert for charity to support her school in India.



Mr.Dharmendra Kumar Yadav, President of the MINEHAHA Helping Free Education Center in India, visited Japan.

A charity concert to support the school was held at the “Hotori Hall” in Mishima City.

ダール氏は次のように語った。Mr. Dharmendra said:


This school was established with the purpose of creating an environment where students from poor families can study .

However, there has been a lot of opposition to educating people of low social standing in India, and the pressure has almost crushed the school management three times in the past.

We have overcome the problems by fighting such pressure and fierce battles. I would be grateful if you could support us and spread the story of our struggles.