2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 幼稚園児にパーカッション演奏で慰問!


2022年2月1日 ~ 2022年2月1日

Visit to a kindergarten to give a percussion performance!



I played a hand pan drum and djembe at a large nursery school in Kanagawa prefecture !


At first, the children quietly listened to the gentle tone of the hand pan drum and the singing voice of singer Minehaha. However, as soon as the performance was over, all the children couldn’t contain their curiosity about the mysterious instrument, and crowded around the drum ,touching, hitting, and feeling it, and asking many questions about it.


ジャンベの強いリズムにはとんだり跳ねたりリズムに合わせて踊り出し、ジャンベのリズムが早くなると興奮状態がエスカレートしていき、笑ったり奇声を上げたり、でんぐり返しをしたり!それぞれの子供達がそれぞれに自由に自分流にダンスをクリエイトしているのが印象的でした。Children jumped and bounced with the strong rhythm of the djembe and when the rhythm got faster, the excitement escalated!

Some of them laughed, screamed, or started tumbling on the floor.

It was very impressive that each of them enjoyed it in their very own way.


Kids are great! It was a day when I felt that music plays a big role in nurturing children’s sensibilities.