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2023年3月18日 ~ 2023年3月18日

Information about my current work.


On March 18th, I visited Mr.Sakatani who took care of me in Kyoto for the first time in a long time to report what I’m doing recently.
I held my first exhibition in Kyoto eight years ago. On the 1st floor is a liquor store and the 2nd floor is “Gallery Sakatani”.
Some of my artwork is still on display in the gallery.

Since then, he has been a benefactor who introduced me to many important people in his hometown of Kyoto, including the Kyoto Shimbun.


On the same day, I went to say hello to Honnnoji Hotel for the first time in a while.
In the lobby of the hotel, the work ”Honnoji Incident” has been permanently display since last summer, and it seems that even now that the guests have returned, it is still a hot topic at the hotel.


On the same day, we received a report that a performance was held at the main hall of Ikegami Hongyouji Temple in Tokyo, and that the “White Lotus Folding Screen” was again exhibited as stage art.

My work continues to do its best even when I’m not there. It was a very blissful day.