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  3. 明けましておめでとうございます。~日蓮涅槃図完成のお知らせ~


2023年1月1日 ~ 2023年1月1日

Happy new year. The work of “Nichiren Nirvana ”complete!



On January 1 2023, we would like to announce that the “Nichiren Nirvana” was created at Ikegami Hongyouji Temple in Tokyo, and handed over to the temple.

In January of last year, the sliding door painting of “Blue Lotus Crimson Lotus” was completed, and the painting of “Nichiren Nirvana” was started in August of the same year.

In Kyoto, Shiozawa produced ”Honnoji Incident“and “Buddha Enlightenment”, and simultaneously worked on these while going back and forth between Tokyo and Kyoto.
astly, when he returned from his trip to India in late December, he stayed at Ikegami Temple in Tokyo five times, staying a total of 36 days.

Buddha, Taho Nyorai, Four Devas, Six Elderly priests and Believers, are united, and this work is also appears at a Buddhist altar.

The Blue lotus and crimson lotus on the front door of the three-sided folding screen is modernly expressed in a slightly different way from the fusuma painting produced in January.
The letters “Na” and ”Mu” are drawn in the moon on the door, and when the door is opened, the letters “Myo” “Hou” ”Ren” ”Ge” ”Kyo” can be seen on the white lotus petals.



Saint Nichiren is lying on a white lotus flower, and the pattern on his robe is a rare cherry blossom tree that blooms in the winter. The appearance is made with pearl ink so the color of his clothes change beautifully depending on how the light hits it.

In the distant mountains is Mt.Reijusen in India, which Saint Nichiren longed to visit, and in the five-colored sky, a flock of hawks flutters toward the heavens. The black silhouette eventually turns white and melts into the universe, finally becoming a shining star.日蓮涅槃図-8

On October 18th, the anniversary of Saint Nichiren’s death, it is said that the Oeshiki cherry blossoms bloomed all at once. In front of the temple of death, the flowers were blooming one after another, even in the cold winter sky at the end of December.
We believed that Nichiren-san was pleased with his painting and thanked us with this miracle.
We will inform you about the exhibition date of this work soon.