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  3. 1931年製のフオードの車で京都の街を爆音暴走!


2022年9月27日 ~ 2022年9月27日

A roaring engine in the city of Kyoto in a 1931 Ford car!


A friend of mine brought me a 1931 Ford from Osaka while I was working on a drawing of Buddha enlightenment in India.


It’s a product of the era when engines were installed in covered wagons, so it’s not conventional at all, but I felt that maintaining carefully for a long time is a return to the origin of ecology. I felt that maintaining a car for a long time instead of owning several cars over a period of time, is a return to more sustainable products.


While I was driving, a police bike was in front of us, as if escorting someone important, and as the old car’s engine roared, all of my worries disappeared. Now I am ready to bury myself in my work. Many thanks to my friend for providing this inspiration.