2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 遺伝学博士五條堀会長と交友会


2022年4月24日 ~ 2022年4月24日

Friendly meeting with Dr. Gojobori, a doctor of genetics!




We caught up for the first time in half a year with Dr. Gojobori, who had returned from Saudi Arabia Temporarily!


After the mutual status report, a banquet was held by the Fuji Hakone Izu International Association (abbreviated as FHIX).  A reporter from the Shizuoka newspaper and the wife of the chief priest of Renkeiji Temple in Mishima also joined us for this event.


Dr. Gojobori, the chairman of FHIX, aims to attract the attention of the world and develop it by internationally promoting the property such as nature, culture, history, and business, peculiar to this area.



Shiozawa’s artistic activities for the development of the region and Japan have much in common with the vision of FHIX. We once again agreed on mutual cooperation that will  lead to regional development.