2. スケジュール【Schedule】
  3. 9月17日(土)三島市広小路蓮馨寺様にて コンサート「この素晴らしき世界」決定!

9月17日(土)三島市広小路蓮馨寺様にて コンサート「この素晴らしき世界」決定!

2022年9月17日 ~ 2022年9月17日

The ”What a Wonderful World”concert will be held on September 17 at Renkeiji Temple in Hirokoji, Mishima City.



We will share “prayers to protect world peace and the global environment” with local people through music and art.  And we will hold the “What a Wonderful World Concert” to rerediscover the support of our hearts toward the future.

The environment surrounding us in recent years faces geopolitical risks such as corona disaster, Ukraine conflict, climate change, and poverty, to name a few. Due to global inflation, everyday life is getting harder and we are facing more and more feelings of hopelessness around world.

How should we inspire hope and keep our minds calm in order to prepare our children for a brighter future?

This concert is an event comprised of music, poetry, and Shiozawa’s art so that children who create the future and adults in this area can feel to reignite our passion to fight for a future of peace and prosperity
Children are welcome and it’s also free for junior high school students.

The program includes a talk from the vice priest of Renkeiji Temple, a musical collaboration between percussionist Shiozawa and singer, Minehaa, and finally a video presentation of Shiozawas art work.