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  3. 霊鷲山を登山&ナーランダ大学遺跡見学


2022年12月10日 ~ 2022年12月10日

Climbing Ryojusen&Visited to Nalanda University ruins



We visited Ryojusen (Gridhakuta hill) the place where the Buddha preached, in Rajgir, located in the center of Bihar, India.
It is the first base of the Buddha and the Buddhist sect, and the sacred place where the Buddha preached the Hoke-kyo Sutra(Lotus Sermon). The rocks of Vulture Peak are shaped like eagles, and in this era when burials were carried out by birds, it was also believed that souls were carried to heaven by eagles.

I believe that Nichiren created the sacred place of Mt.Minobu by imitating this place.

At the place where Buddha felt the universe and preached the Lotus Sutra, I lit incense and prayed.
I felt a deep connection with this land so I felt compelled to draw Nichiren Nirvana and Shakyamuni enlightenment.

After descending the mountain, we visited the ruins of Nalanda University from the 4th century.
At that time, there were 10,000 students and 1500 teachers, and students from all over the world gathered and learned for free.  During the 4th century, there was an open urban civilization under the leadership of the state, and it was an international research university that taught not only Buddhist studies, but also philosophy, law linguistics, history, astronomy, mathematics, and science.
This was quite a surprising discovery!

It was then destroyed and buried by invading Muslim forces in the 12th century. It was eventually discovered in modern times and is still being excavated.

People in India are very friendly. Both children and adults approach us and asked to be photographed with us. Commemorative photo with many people here.