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  3. DOMI & JD BECK Blue Noteで楽しむ

DOMI & JD BECK Blue Noteで楽しむ

2023年5月11日 ~ 2023年5月11日

Enjoyed DOMI&JD BECK’s performance at Blue Note.



なんと3年ぶりのBlue Noteである。
Oh my God! It’s the first visit to the Blue Note in three years!

Because the musicians I wanted to see for a long time did not come to Japan due to the pandemic.

Domi&JD Beckはコロナの渦中にYouTubeで見つけていろんなパフォーマンスに関心を高めていました。
I found this duo on YouTube during the pandemic and was blown away by their performance and watched them many times.

キーボードのDomiはフランス人、ドラマーのJD Beckはアメリカ人の二人のジャズDuoで2018年に誕生した。双方共に22歳とか23歳でありながら超絶技巧で宇宙的なグルーブを生み出す。Keyboard Domi is French and drummer, JDBeck is American, and the Jazz unit duo was just formed in 2018.
Both are 22 and 23 years old, and they perform music with transcendence. It’s a cosmic groove.


We are earthlings and they are alien-like. On stage, Domi played the piano beautifully while sitting on her toilet seat. The performance of these young musicians blew my mind  and inspired me.


It was surprising that they were so popular in Japan that it was difficult to get tickets.

来日を知ってBlue Noteを検索しようとiphoneを手に取ったら、LINEで大脇夫妻から、「このアーテイスト知ってますか?チケット取ったのですけど行きませんか?」とほぼ同時に連絡がきたのも摩訶不思議な出来事でした。
As soon as I found out they were coming to Japan, I picked up my iPhone to search for Blue Note, and simultaneously I received a Line message from our friends Mr.and Mrs.Owaki “Do you know this artist? We got tickets and would you like to go with us?” It was mysterious happening.

Thank you for everything!
Thanks to Owaki, and Mami.