2. お知らせ【News】
  3. 東大寺訪問! 


Visit Todaiji Temple in Nara.



This visit led to Mahabodhi Temple, Ganjin-wajo, and Todaiji Temple.

インドの世界遺産マハ―ボデイ寺院と繋がった直後に、唐の僧「鑑真和上」を絵本にして北京の出版社で発売する仕事が急に浮上しました。私が絵を含めプロデュース担当に確定した数日後に、全く別の繋がりで鑑真と縁が深い世界遺産東大寺とのご縁に導かれました。Immediately after making contact with India’s world heritage Mahabodhi Temple, Shiozawa received a request to publish a picture book of the Tang monk “ Ganjin-wajo” in Beijing.  A few days after Shiozawa was assigned to be in charge of production, including paintings, he was suddenly contacted by Todaiji Temple, a world heritage site in Japan that has a deep connection to Ganjin-wajo.


On June 5th, Shiozawa was able to meet with Elder Morimoto, the head of Todaiji Temple, and hear a very interesting story.


Ganjin is famous for the history of hardships, in which it took 10 years of failure and hardship to finally successfully sail from China to Japan.

Why did he want to come to Japan for 10 years? The real reason was a mystery.


しかし、それが本日東大寺に伺って”聖徳太子“がその謎を解くキーパーソンである事もわかりました。However, today when Shiozawa went to Todaiji Temple and talked about it, it became clear that the key person to solve the mystery was “Prince Shotoku”


For Shiozawa, it was a mysterious moment as if he went back in time and witnessed  the moment when Ganjin-wajo laid the foundation of Buddhism in Japan.

And it will be of great help to his future creations.