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  3. 浮世絵師 故立原位貫氏のアトリエ 兼 和菓子店訪問!

浮世絵師 故立原位貫氏のアトリエ 兼 和菓子店訪問!

Visited the Japanese sweets shop and art studio of the late Ukiyo-e artist, Mr. Inuki Tachihara.



Reunion with the Japanese sweets shop owner for the first time in several years!


When you enter the “Philosophy Road” from the direction of Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto, an elegant shop curtain sways in the wind with a small flutter.

After passing through the shop curtain, the garden spreads out from the end of the narrow passage, and there is a nice mansion in the back. In one corner is a Japanese sweets shop.



The owner of the Japanese sweets shop is also the wife of the late Ukiyo-e artist, Mr. Inuki Tachihara, and she creates her own original Japanese sweets by herself.


There is a room that was Mr.Tachihara’s atelier on the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is open as a tea room, where Mr.Tachihara’s original works are also displayed. All the beautiful antique furniture and figurines were chosen by Mr.Tachihara, and they are simple and really sophisticated.


Ukiyo-e is originally a combination of work between a painter, a sculptor, and a “rub master” but Mr.Tachihara did it all by himself, reproducing the prints of the Edo period.

One of his original works, “Shoes”, is a shoe that he liked to wear, and it is stylish, including its color expression.


I had a carefully made Japanese sweet with green tea (Maccha), including the beauty of plates and tea ware. A gentle breeze blows from the fresh green mountains over the garden.

Here is a wonderful hidden place in Kyoto where you can feel how to enjoy the beauty of Japan.