2. お知らせ【News】
  3. マハ―ボデイ寺院に作品のプレゼンテーション



Presentation of work at Mahabodhi Temple



Visit to Mahabodhi Temple early in the morning at 8am.
First of all, We greeted Mr. Deenanand, the chairman of the board, who suggested that Shiozawa  dedicate the painting, and gave a Samue working tunic to him as a present.

In a separate room, Shiozawa gave a one hour presentation on the painting to the temple’s executives and top administrative officials.

When Shiozawa explained the meaning of the painting, he received many questions. Until now, in the history of Indian Buddhism, Sujata’s existence was not made public, but this work was received favorably by the temple’s executives, who highly appreciated the artistry of his painting.

Shiozawa has until Dec.8th in 2023 to complete his work, after which an exhibition ceremony will be held to unveil the piece. Finally it will be permanently exhibited at the Mahabodhi Temple Museum when it is completed on January 5th in 2024.

The smaller painting brought this time, intended to be a sample, will be displayed on Dec.8th, at the Bodhi tree mediation place of Mahabodhi Temple. Afterwards, this work will be framed and exhibited in the reception room where many international VIPs gather.

After the presentation, the chairman gave each of us a sacred scarf Khata and chanted sutras to purify us in the main hall where there is a golden Buddha statue. We prayed in the front row of the Buddhist temple with our foreheads on the pedestal of the Buddha.