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  3. 日蓮聖人ご降誕800年記念 白蓮華屏風 公開

日蓮聖人ご降誕800年記念 白蓮華屏風 公開

800 years after the birth of the founderCommemorative folding screen painting public release!



In commemoration of February 16th, the birthday of Saint Nichiren, the white lotus folding screen was opened to the public at Ikegami Hongyouji Temple, and a ceremony was held. The location was changed from last year’s temporary exhibition, and this time it was exhibited at the largest main hall of the Honngyouji Temple.

A sutra chant was performed to celebrate the birth of Saint Nichiren , and many visitors participated in the ceremony.




The intensity of the light emitted by the white lotus folding screen that shines with black light created a beautiful visual rhythm.

In unison with the rhythm of the light, chanting and drums could be heard, creating a mysterious and auspicious vibe throughout the hall